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  • Year of construction: 2012
  • Net floor area: 2928 m2
  • Parking: Parking space: 50-70
  • Transport hubs: 2, 10, 11,
  • Motorway: M0, M1, M3, Slovakia is also easily accessible!
  • Storage: 850 m2
  • Workshop: 500 m2
  • Office area: 110 m2 in a building + showroom facilities
  • Galerie: 630 m2
  • Showroom: 1000 m2

The entire area is for rent. Our building, which satisfies all needs, satisfies everyone's needs, receives your customers in intelligent air-conditioned offices, stores, and our parking and storage system, which is perfect for logistics tasks, will help you to do more than one start-up. Our showroom is suitable for business premises and shopping areas. 220/380V, compressed air may also be available in the assembly workshop. Offices can also be created on the gallery level. IF you need more space, the other half of the building can be rented.

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Loading space The condition of a modern warehouse is that it can receive and ship pallets and unit packages quickly and easily logistically. Its own entrance does not interfere with customer parking traffic. You can manage everything separately.

High shelf system and forklift rental option.

An interesting choice for webshops.

Showroom Sunny green space and thermal glasses enhance the shopping comfort zone. Your customers are also more willing to buy from a spacious space. You can easily fill up your shopping area, you decide where to place your shelves and how much space you need.

An excellent choice for webshops.

World Showroom

Ideal for business premises.

Workshop with office space, as a recruitment point or for logistics management. The Porta station, equipped with air conditioning and lines, can even control unloading.

Office premises with technical equipment.

Keep your team together. Open office possibilities.

Give your suppliers their own washroom with shower and cooking facilities. Increase unloading and loading times to a high level.

Resting place

With excellent features.

Negotiations and hospitality at a high level. You can rent space not only on the showroom floor, but also in the office spaces of the building. It is managed in its own luxurious conditions at the European level in air-conditioned rooms, shaded offices and with its own kitchen, entrance and own parking space.

Executive offices

In quality equipped offices.